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At AGR we believe in delivering on commitments
Medical industry - bottle and syringe


Serving Medical, Industrial, Aeronautical and Personal Care Industries AGR Automation has a wealth of experience and understanding of the complex requirements of all these sectors. We have the proven capability to bring that experience to your project.

Medical Diagnostics

We have extensive experience designing and implementing automation for medical diagnostic providers ranging from blood collection and diagnostics to viral test kits including COVID-19.

Medical Device Assembly & Inspection

AGR’s reputation has been built in the medical device sector. We design and build systems for multi-national market leaders from drug delivery to surgical procedures. Our delivered systems meet the highest standards including full GAMP where specified and have incorporated market-leading performance in needle handling, needle set assembly, syringe handling and assembly, stent catheter wires, packaging systems and all types of medical device assembly.

Precision Industrial Device Assembly & Test

Our experience in medical device assembly and test has enabled us to transfer skills and knowledge to demanding industrial applications. These have included deep well pump assembly, plumbing fittings and automotive sector robotic assembly cells, all for market-leading multinational companies.

Personal Care, Grooming & Cosmetic

AGR’s world-leading capability in complex part feeding has allowed us to secure our position as a global leader in high-speed feeding and assembly from disposable razors to toothpaste dispensers and perfume bottles.

NPI & Prototyping

Many of our projects begin with Proof of Principle or Proof of Concept contracts which lead to full automation solutions. In addition, we have in-depth experience of working alongside our clients and their product/process experts to design and implement automation solutions in parallel with the completion of product design and prototyping. These development projects rely on the special relationship we forge with our clients.

Cutting Edge Component Feeding & Orientation for Complex Applications

Complex part feeding and orientation from bulk is a core competence for AGR and where it all began more than 50 years ago. Today AGR provides solutions for highly challenging applications in terms of speed or part difficulty. Through our Aylesbury Automation subsidiary, we provide cost-effective solutions for more regular applications.


We’ll always measure up to your expectations


years of experience

AGR has a reputation for delivering on our commitments; many systems are in daily operation after more than 20 years.


countries supplied

on average more than 75% of AGR’s sales are shipped and installed outside of the UK.


group automation employees

AGR’s automation group operates across 3 sites located in the North, West and South of the UK.

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