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Aylesbury Legacy Support

We are pleased to inform that Aylesbury Automation Ltd is now trading as AGR Automation Limited with facilities in Aylesbury, Arbroath and Ballymena. AGR Automation, a part of Convergix Automation Solutions group, has been the parent company of Aylesbury Automation for the past 6 years. In January 2024, Aylesbury Automation officially merged with AGR Automation as part of the Convergix family. The name change gives full integration of all business actives between AGR, Aylesbury Automation and Convergix at our facility in Aylesbury. AGR Automation will continue to operate within the Convergix Automation Solutions family of companies which include JMP Solutions, Classic Design, Eagle Technologies. As of January 2024, Aylesbury Automation officially merged with AGR Automation as part of the CONVERGIX family. AGR will continue to serve and support all AAL customers and partners who we have valued over 25 years.


AGR offers a comprehensive range of automation products, vibratory bowl feeders, automated systems and services which are used internation¬ally by leading manufacturing companies across several industry verticals.

• Denso Robots

• Special Purpose Machines & Systems

• Vibratory Bowl Feeders and alternative Product Feeding Systems

• Robot Integration

• 3D Printing


AGR offers the expertise in building and integrating robotic automated assembly cells and feed¬ing solutions using vision with conveyor tracking.

• Bearing rollers bulk feed and orientate

• Pressure test 3.8 millibar and date code print automated machine

• Bolt feeding system

• AGR Automation Limited twin feeder system complete with 28 litre bulk storage, tooled bowls and L2 linears

• AGR Automation Ltd fully automated 12 station machine assembling and testing 9 piece product

• Bowl Feeder system using AGR Automation Ltd model 200 bowl feeder, L5M 200 track and dead nest

• Robotic Eyefeeder cell

• Plastic cap, feed, close, check, count and dispense


AGR is much more that an automation company. Our customers benefit from decades of experience at all stages of their project from advice on component design, features to aid component feeding, or even finding a solu¬tion which allows even the most difficult component parts to be fed and orien¬tated ready for assembly.

• Design Solutions

• Solution Packages