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AGR Automation designs, develops and manufactures high performance, high value, bespoke automation solutions. Using robotics, vision analysis and innovative thinking we turn vision into reality for multinational clients with UK, US and global installations.


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AGR has a reputation for delivering on our commitments; many systems are in daily operation after more than 20 years.


countries supplied

on average more than 75% of AGR’s sales are shipped and installed outside of the UK.


group automation employees

AGR’s automation group operates across 3 sites located in the North, West and South of the UK.

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High-Speed Cannula and Needle Set Assembly

We find increasingly that high end applications require hybrid solutions in order to meet the increasing demands of optimised production. By blending robotics and vision into feeding solutions at the same time as drawing on feeding experience and our SmartPod chassis for assembly, AGR is able to conceive unique and innovative solutions to demanding problems.


AGR Automation has an unrivalled reputation in developing automation solutions for complex applications in the medical device industry. This experience in a premium sector translates into exceptional solution provision in other sectors such as personal care, food and general industrial applications.

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