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Innovating for more than 50 years

A bit about us

Innovating for more than 50 years, AGR Automation has world-leading expertise in parts handling and orientation for difficult automation assembly processes and uses its extensive expertise in vibratory and centrifugal technologies. Increasingly, feed systems incorporate a number of technologies including vision recognition and robotics in order to achieve the demands of high-speed feeding and orientation.

We have developed in-depth experience in demanding robotic solutions and integrated vision systems as part of addressing our clients’ demanding needs.

Our projects involve challenging application areas that are beyond the capability of most general automation suppliers either in terms of complexity or output performance and AGR has developed world-leading technologies in its specialist areas through a commitment to innovation.

Above all, our commitment to integrity, excellence and quality governs our actions, decision making and fulfilment of our commitments.

Company Timeline


Core Business Established

AGR began production and supply of vibratory feed systems

July 2000

Today’s AGR Automation Birthed

AGR Automation was established as a family-owned company with a new management team and a focus on automation solutions.

May 2013

Growth Preparation

In expectation of significant growth strategic plans were implemented including the CEO’s relocation to Arbroath and the appointment of a General Manager.

May 2014


A new remote site was established in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to provide additional capacity, risk management by multi-site capability and to be close to Ireland’s medical device market. Additional space was also acquired at the Arbroath headquarters.

May 2017


Aylesbury Automation was acquired to provide a further breadth of presence in the UK automation market and to enable addressing of a wider range of solution options.

Sept 2020

New Premises Built and Occupied

New headquarter premises were completed in Arbroath plus a new purpose-built factory was completed in Ballymena.

Why we are different

As a world leader in our core competencies, AGR Automation understands the complexity of component orientation and feeding; as a result, we are able to conceive and fulfil a new level of turning vision into reality in our world-class automation solutions. Our breadth of experience, innovative ideas, willingness to challenge our customers’ thinking and our friendly approach make the AGR experience unique in our industry sector.

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